Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Ah, New Standard, a name that gushes innovation and punctuality. However, don’t be fooled by the traditional tone. There’s a ton of fun behind the scenes.

Livening up the Standards

New Standard isn’t just about maintaining quality and setting industry benchmarks. Behind the overtly serious-sounding facade, they are a lively bunch, ready to burst into an impromptu dance-off at the word ‘benchmark’. Our cool-cat team finds solace in setting those dry, dusty old standards alight with their spirited moves.

Disruption is the New Order

Breaking the monotony of the everyday grind, this maverick cohort takes the phrase ‘disruptive market leader’ quite seriously. A typical day at New Standard can be as unpredictable as the weatherman’s report. You could be dogging dodgeballs at lunch or participating in thematic Fridays, where ‘wacky hat day’ or ‘retro neon attire’ is the norm.

The New Standard way is all about keeping you on your toes, shaking things up, and making waves. So, next time you think of New Standard, remember – they aren’t your conventional standards-setters. They’re the Spice Girls of the standards world!


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