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Embrace your freedom to choose with Valley Wellness, an esteemed facility serving the community as both a medical and recreational cannabis dispensary. Strategically positioned in the serene town of Somers, our services prioritize your needs, ensuring high-quality options that suit your personal preference.

Medical Cannabis: An Alternative for Relief

Colorado’s progressive standpoint on medical cannabis has led to cutting-edge dispensaries like Valley Wellness. We source our cannabis from trustworthy local farms to guarantee a safe and effective product for our medical patients. Find comfort, solace, and relief from a broad spectrum of ailments with the restorative wonders of cannabis.

Recreational cannabis is not merely about the high, it’s a journey of exploring oneself, an adventure replete with discovery. Valley Wellness understands this transformative experience, and thus, equips you with a plethora of strains, each giving you control of your unique journey.

Experience Recreation Like Never Before

Our recreational cannabis line caters to a broad audience. Accordingly, we offer a variety of forms and potencies, ensuring product variety without sacrificing quality. Whether you’re interested in a low dose edible or intrigued by a potent strain, we’ve got you covered.

Join The Valley Wellness Community Today

At Valley Wellness, we see our clients as more than customers; they’re a part of the Valley Wellness Community. Our team of professionals are dedicated to curating a safe, friendly environment where everyone is welcomed, valued and received with open arms. It’s time to take a leap and tap into new experiences with us at Valley Wellness!


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