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Founded in 2006, MMD Shops has been your trusted companion in Southern California for all things cannabis. They pride themselves in providing a vast array of quality products ranging from recreational weed to medical marijuana to fit your distinct needs.

Your Go-To Cannabis Dispensary

Strategically located in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Hollywood, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, and Burbank, MMD Shops ensures easy accessibility to their top-notch products. The in-store experience at MMD Shops is designed to provide you with expert advice to help you choose your perfect product.

Reliable Medical Marijuana

The medical marijuana at MMD Shops isn’t just about relaxation. It’s about providing you with natural options for chronic pain relief, stress reduction, and a better quality of life. They believe in the healing power of cannabis, and are determined to offer the best to their customers. With MMD Shops, plant-based wellness is just a step away.

Find the best recreational weed, products, or learn how to get a medical marijuana card at an MMD Stores location nearest to you. Discover the true value of quality cannabis with MMD Shops today.


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