Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Welcome to the wild, whimsical and weed-filled world of Codes – Cape Girardeau, MO. Adventure lurks at every corner here, with epic tales of Marijuana Vapes in Chaffee, harmonious hemp from the Cannabis Dispensary in Scott City and mind-expanding Cannabis Concentrates in Jackson.

Lighting up Laughter in Chaffee

Remember when Pete, the town sheriff, mistook his wife’s cherry pie for a marijuana vape? That led to some hilarious high-jinks in Chaffee! His stunned realization that life was actually pie-high remains one of our top chuckle-inducing memories.

Scott City’s Cannabis Dispensary has its own share of funny fables. Like the time when the local poet, euphoric on new strains, wrote his funniest poems! Trust us, ‘Sonnet for the Super Sativa’ had everyone rolling on the floor laughing!

Jackson’s Jolly Jamboree

Now, let’s not forget the legendary ‘Concentrate Carnival’ in Jackson. Fun games, high spirits, and the best cannabis concentrates in the Show-Me State! The sight of our normally quiet Mayor, energized by the highest quality product, leading the entire town in a sprightly jig was a sight to behold!

In the end, our towns are high, not just on cannabis but also laughter. There’s always a new tale on the horizon, filled with humor and high-quality products. Stay tuned to join us in the next laughter session.


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